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Attract simply great passengers from around the globe by being on board as a creative-collaborative key partner in your tourism area …


… and stick, e. g., this on your van roofs.

Display for Van Roofs


VANSATION would want to get in touch with aVANt-gardists and innoVANtors.

VANguardistas y innoVANdores | Avantgardisten, InnoVANtoren und VANtasten


Reach for the stars, before they go away.

Greife zu den Sternen, bevor sie sich entfernen.  | Alcance a las estrellas, antes de que se marchen.

No worries, dreams are often va(n)gue.

Keine Sorge, Träume sind häufig va(n)ge. | No te preocupes, los sueños a menudo son va(n)gos.



VANSATION is a mobile phenomenon – for more than 30 years.

VANSATION – from a Berlin and a Barcelona Van Station – founded in 1985

by the owner Peter Schmiedchen – to world domination:


Working smart, not hard on a new Vanture; with flexibility and lightness!


Soon we’ll be the most important Van Tourism Mover Comunity and moreover the best tourism startup ever!

We’re going to expand the mobile Vanpire! First in Vancouver and Yerevan, then in Vanhatten and Vanne-Eickel.

Together we’ll exsighte residents, visitors and ourselves worldwide!

Under, on and above ground or water. – By air, road, space and water vans.

We’ll change the face of sightseeing in a disruptive mode!



Be welcome. Be €xsighted.


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