Tours WITHIN Berlin


Why bother cycling on overcrowded bus lanes? Leave the pre-recorded audio tours behind, forget the impersonal tour double-deckers, miss your next public transport or don’t even be weather-bound for days. Avoid city bike tours; group-biking is a dangerous way to drive around – for other travellers, too. Don’t wait in line and don’t think about parking. Our tours even transform traffic jams into insightful experiences. 

VANSATIONs vans travel to you instead of the other way around. Get on our adequate and comfortable minivans or maxivans, driven by polite and proactive Chaufführers. Simply mention the starting point of Your and Yours private tour.


It’s as easy as A, B, C: From A to B via C to […], then back to A and or D with several stops at points of your maximum interest – without the hassle.

Taste the luxury of Vantastic Sightseeing Tours and make the most of your mornings, afternoons, evenings and your nights. Brighte your day gain insight into Berlin!

Stop searching high and low, start Van Sightseeing, be in flow! VANSATION stands for vanƨationally exsighting and guestomized tour design and its realization.


Get an outline of (upcoming) Evants within Berlin!

(Almost everything you never knew you wanted to know and see about Berlin.)

Cold War Everyday Life in the GDR Reunification of Germany

Top Twenty Tour

Potpourri Tour

Berlin for Beginners

Trendy District Hopping

Museum & Art Gallery Hopping
Young People Tour
Roof Terrace Hopping
Boss your Boss

Third Reich – Bunkers – WW2

Historical Markethall Hopping
Fine Design Hopping

Fresh Fish Tastings

Christmas Market & Fair Hopping

Church Mosque Synagogue Hopping
Tortour (Gate Hopping)
Coffee & Fine Cake Hopping

Economic Histoury (No Sightshopping)
Railway Station Hopping
Street Art Tour
Berlin’s Roaring Twenties
Berlin’s Fifties & Sixties
Ministry & Embassy Tour
Mystery Tour

May Day Tour

3 October Tour

9 November Tour

Rainy Day Tours

Tours for Keen Kids and Tough Teens

The best we drive, is the following generation.

Brewery Hopping
Western Lake Banks
Eastern Lake Banks
Spree River Banks
Havel River Banks

Pilotour (Airport Hopping)

White Van Weddings

Golf Outings


Anti-Hightlight Tour

Most of these tours can be combined with each other.

La mayoría de estos tours se puede combinar entre sí.

Die meisten diese Touren können miteinander kombiniert werden.



Traveling begins and wins with VANSATION, the icing on the cake of your destination. 



Limited, but comfortable seats and additional advantages can effortlessly be booked in advance on almost any fashion:

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