Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Lutherstadt Wittenberg

On the vansteps of Martin Luther and other famous personalities

In Wittenberg there are a variety of attractions, which are worth to visit. Of special tourist interest, of course, are the Luther memorials, some of which even belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. An original sites of the Reformation you can immerse yourself in the history of the city. Visit the castle church, where Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis or St. Mary’s Church, where he preached for 30 years. In the Luther House you will find the largest Reformation history museum in the world, and in the Melanchthon House the life of the “teacher of Germany” is brought closer. Also in the Cranach courtyards you will find evidence of the Reformation, for example in the historic print shop, where Cranach duplicated the Reformation ideas to the public. From the historic buildings of Wittenberg University “Alma Mater Leucorea” at the Martin Luther taught, is only the Augusteum today. The newly renovated Friedricianum has different sections and centers of the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg domiciled.

But besides the Reformation Wittenberg has a turbulent history. If you are interested in sights of the recent history of Wittenberg, the “Piesteritzer Werksiedlung” (Piesteritz Workmen’s Dwellings)is worth a visit. In 1916 a garden city settlement is the first and largest car-free housing development in Germany. Enjoy the landscaped gardens and the peculiar architecture of these buildings. For architecture enthusiasts there is also the Hundertwasser school to visit, which is home to the Luther-Melanchthon-Gymnasium. The building has been completely remodeled in the ’90s to plans by the Austrian artist.



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