Cultours and Detours


None of our cultouring resembles the other. Everywhere surprises invite to detouring

Ningún cultouring nuestro se parece al otro. Dondequiera las sorpresas invitán al detouring.

Keines unserer Cultouring gleicht dem anderen. Allerorten laden Überraschungen zum Detouring ein.

Eastside Gallery


Why bother cycling on overcrowded bus lanes? Leave the pre-recorded audio tours behind, forget the impersonal tour double-deckers, miss your next public transport or don’t even be weather-bound for days. Avoid city bike tours; group-biking is a dangerous way to drive around – for other travellers, too. Don’t wait in line and don’t think about parking. Our tours even transform traffic jams into experiences. Advance your destination – vanever with VANSATION!

VANSATION’s vans travel to you instead of the other way around. Get on our comfortable vansdriven by polite and proactive Chaufführers.

It’s as easy as A, B, C: From A to B via C to […], then back to A and or D without the hassle. Make the most of your mornings, afternoons and evenings – for a bit longer than necessary. Vanever you want!

It´s evan more than a small luxury that all of us are able to afford. Stay exsighted!



By the way: The first soft passenger transportation in a litter, a sedan chair for hire, were once a common mode of public transport. Persons could enter and be taken to their destination without setting foot in a wet or filthy street.

These first passenger road vehicles – called by us as minivans, maxivans and multivans – were carried by two or more carriers. More spacious litters had the facility to sleep if travelling journey and with availability of eatables, tables to eat and other necessities.


Van, wo und wohin auch immer.     |     Vanever, wherever.     |     Ven y van con VANSATION.