The Chauffeur, Miró
JOAN MIRÓ – Retrat d’Heriberto Casany (El xofer) 1918




Chaufführers (driver-guidesare proactive and polyglott tour masters.

They are licensed chauffeurs, certified city and tour guides as well as passionate concierges -independent of commissions- in one single personality. They are also sought-after experts for (driver-)guide services in your car or motorhome. Of course van chaufführers are willing to guide in your plane or tour bus, and on your boat, in your submarine or hot-air balloon, too.

Chaufführers are normal ones with winning radiation and they do not fly. (The owner Peter was born very close to Dortmund (BVB) and he used to live there once ;-))


Future Sightseeing Van
Future-oriented design of a Sightseeing eVan (Foto VW)

Some among them are even strict Vanƨionaries. The best what they drive, is the next (tourist) generation.


Sites excite people. Chaufführers exsighte opinions.”

First-ever chaufführer Peter Schmiedchen (Piet van Sation)




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