Comprehensible protest against the absurd mass tourism in Berlin-Kreuzberg


Currently Berlin is more fascinating, more international (53% of all Berliners – tendency growing – are “newbies” and “anywheres”), more surprising and also more hip(ster) and nipster*, and maybe therefore, more expensive than ever.

Nevertheless, since summer 2018 Berlin has been the third most attractive metropolis after London and New York for workers, freelancers, cosmopolitans and business start-ups. But only few inhabitants profit from the persistent gentrification and the increasing, absurd mass tourism — the touristification!


*The “Nipster” is the latest fad in Germany’s right-wing extremist scene. Nipster (neo-Nazi hipster) is a colloquial term used in Germany to refer to young neo-Nazis who have adopted aspects of hipster culture. The stylized self-portrayal of a new far-right generation helps to attract younger members.