Attract simply great passengers from around the globe by being on board as a creative-collaborative key partner in your tourism area …


… and stick, e. g., this on your van roofs.

Display for Van Roofs


VANSATION would want to get in touch with aVANt-gardists and innoVANtors.

(VANguardistas y innoVANdores | Avantgardisten, InnoVANtoren und VANtasten)


No worries, dreams are often va(n)gue.

(Keine Sorge, Träume sind häufig va(n)ge. | No te preocupes, los sueños a menudo son va(n)gos.)



VANSATION is a mobile phenomenon – for more than 30 years.

VANSATION – from a Berlin and a Barcelona Van Station – founded in 1985

by the owner Peter Schmiedchen – to world domination:


Working smart, not hard on a new Vanture

Soon we’ll exsighte worldwide! Under, on and above ground or water. – By air, road, space and water vans.

We’re going to expand your mobile Vanpire! First in Vancouver and Yerevan, then in Vanne-Eickel.


VANSATION = combining innoVAtion and seNSATION